Here at LLCINC, forming a business entity is as simple and intuitive as shopping on Amazon

What can be better than that? It’s FREE (just pay the state fees)

“We didn’t find the right blend of simplicity and competence in other platforms we were using so we decided to create our own.”


Who We Are

As business owners ourselves, we understand how frustrating and overwhelming the business formation process can be. We wanted to take you one step closer to making your dream come true – no jumping through hoops required. (Unless you’re in the circus biz!)


Our team of experts understands business – from filings, to annual reports, to taxes, and we get your business filings done right. So you can sleep well knowing we will cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s. Now you have more time to worry about meeting your girlfriend’s parents, seeing your kid’s SAT results or impressing your husband with a new cake recipe from Pinterest.


We have worked so hard to automate LLCINC, it practically does everything for you! Just follow the prompts and leave the filing to us!

What We Believe

We believe that earning trust and keeping it is the foundation of good business. Our service is informed, efficient and accurate
We believe transparency is a given. That’s why with us, nothing is hidden (including fees)
We believe the new entrepreneur needs a break. Forming your business shouldn’t eat up your budget. That’s why with us, you’ll always have the free option
We stand against “legalese.” We put things in plain English so you don’t have to worry about translating

Our Promise

We make forming your business entity simple, with no hidden fees and no strings attached