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Business Formation

(LLC or Corporation)

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Everything You Need To Be Professional and Compliant

EIN, or tax ID, is an ID number IRS assigns to your business. You MUST have an EIN to open a Bank Account for your business. Plus, you’ll need it to hire employees or apply for business credit.
Registered Agent
$149 / Y
In most states, your corporation or LLC are required to have a registered agent service. As your registered agent, we will receive various notices from the state and forward them to you, so you never miss a beat!
Annual Filing Services
$149 / Y
Worried about missing important filing deadlines? We’ll keep track on your annual report deadlines to the State and also make sure to file them on your behalf.
Operating Agreement
Don’t get off on the wrong foot! We’ll craft your operating agreement so everyone is clear on their rights and responsibilities and you avoid unnecessary problems.
Bank Resolution Template
This is an official document you need to open a business account.
By Laws and Minutes
Create rules and expectations for all stakeholders within your organization and keep a record of the decisions made during corporate meetings.
Signatory Right Template
This is an official document you need to assign signatory rights within your new business. Some Banks require this as well upon opening an account.
Corporate Kit
Get organized! We'll create a custom binder for your business, complete with your business name, tabs for your documents and an official iron cast seal.
Business License Report
Paperwork is overwhelming. Figuring out what you need - even more so. Get your personalized licensing report with detailed list of licenses and permits your particular business will need.

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