Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy governs the use of your information provided by you and/or collected by us when you use any of the services provided by Argento Holdings LTD (with its affiliates “Company”), consisting of the websites available at, and its network of websites, software applications, or any other products or services offered by Company from time to time (the “Services”). When you use our services, you’ll share some information with us.

We are posting this privacy policy in order for you to know what information we collect, how we use it, whom we share it with, and the choices we give you to control, access, and update your information. If after reading this policy you still have any questions about your privacy or any part of our Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at

What Information We Collect from you Directly

We collect several types of information that you choose to share with us and may use each kind differently as we will detail below.

Among others, we may collect contact data such as name, birth date, address, phone number and email address, financial data such as credit card details and other personal data such as your age or gender.

When you register to the Services we also collect information required for the opening of your account such as a unique username and a password.

We may decide to collect additional (or less) information in the future.

Additional information might be collected when you contact our support or communicate with us in any other way.

Information We Get When You Use Our Services

When you use our services, we collect information about which of those services you’ve used and how you’ve used them, which pages you visited, etc.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of the types of information we may collect, now or in the future:

  1. information about your activity through our services (e.g. access times, pages viewed, IP address, pages you visited before or after navigating to our website, etc.)
  2. information about any content you choose to provide us, or share through our services.
  3. device-specific information, such as the hardware model, operating system version, advertising identifier, unique application identifiers, unique device identifiers, browser type, language, wireless network, and mobile network information (including the mobile phone number).
  4. Information collected by cookies and other technologies (please see our Cookies Usage Policy).

How we collect Information

In addition to collecting information directly (information you submitted to ys as part of your registration to our Services or otherwise as set forth above), we also collect information from other people who have purchased products or services from us.

For example, we may receive information about you from a client who have asked us to assist him with the incorporation of a legal entity and such client has named you as one of the shareholders in that legal entity.

In addition, if we provide Registered Agent services to a company in which you have ownership interest, we may collect information about you from the client who has purchased the Registered Agent services.

We may also collect information about you from government entities (for example, if you ask us to secure an EIN number we may receive information related to this request from the Internal Revenue Service).

We may also receive information through automated means such as cookies, java scripts and web beacons.

How We Use Information

We use the information we collect for several purposes, including for operating and providing our services, improving and personalizing them, securing them and providing you with better services.

We also use the information we collect to communicate with you, respond to inquiries or share information about our services. Another use is protecting you and your account in order to prevent fraud or other unauthorized or illegal activity.

We may use information we collect in order to approach you with commercial offers, provide discounts or reaching you with any other issue including, without limitations, updating you of issues which we see as relevant to you, sending you newsletters, etc.

We use information to show you ads using third-party ad-serving platforms and similar services. Where practical, we will attempt to use information for these purposes in a way that minimizes our ability to link the data to any particular user.


We store your information for as long as reasonably needed to provide you the Services and to perform all other actions set forth herein. Please note that we may keep some information in our archives for backup or legal purposes.

How We Share the Information We collect

We may share information about you with our partners, affiliates, service providers, regulatory agencies and other governmental authorities for the purposes set forth herein, including without limitations, to provide the Services. Sometimes, when you purchase a product or services that is bundled with a product or services provided by a third party, we will share the relevant information with the applicable third party in order to facilitate the product or service you purchased.

Other reasons for sharing your information with third parties include: support and maintenance, upon request (by you or other authorized parties such as a Registered Agent) or when we are required to do so by under any applicable law, a court order or any governmental entity.

Please note that we will never share personal identifiable information with others without you consent other than for legal purposes (such as in case of a court order, under any applicable law, in a dispute between us, for protecting our other users, etc.).

We might also share your information with third parties as part of a merger or acquisition or other material transactions entered into by Company.

Aggregate data (data that is compiled about group of individuals and that does not identify you personally) may be shared by us with additional third parties.

Third-Party Content and Integrations

The services may contain third-party links and search results, include third-party integrations, or offer a co-branded or third-party-branded service, whereby you may be providing information (including personal information) directly to the third party, us, or both.

You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for how those third parties collect or use your information and encourage you to review the privacy policies of every third-party website or service that you visit or use.

Storing and Protecting your Information

Your privacy is important to us. We use our best efforts to make sure that our Services are secured by the latest encryption and security devices in accordance with industry standards. Financial information and personally identifiable information are transmitted by secure servers (SSL).

Please note however, that no platform or service is 100% protected and therefore we cannot guarantee that any information will not be subject to a security breach. We will treat any such security breach in accordance with the requirement of the applicable law and shall notify you accordingly, however we disclaim any liability the loss or any unauthorized access to the fully extent permitted by law. Please contact us immediately if you believe that your information has been accessed or used by an unauthorized party – at

How you can Control Your Information

You may (1) request access and that certain updates will be made to the personal information we collect about you, by visiting the setting section of the Services. You may also (2) opt-out of us collecting certain information, or (3) by using the specific features in the Services. You may ask us to delete information we store about you (subject to any specific exclusions set forth in this privacy policy), ask us to correct information or to provide you a copy of your information – at

Please note however, that we may reject a request from you to perform any actions with your information for a number of reasons, including, for example, that the request requires technical efforts that are disproportionate to the request or is unlawful.

Revisions to the Privacy Policy

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time, at our discretion and will inform you if we do that by revising the date at the top of the Privacy Policy we post or we may provide you with additional notice.